Changzhou finechemical insititute is a leading technology-based manufacturer and distributor in the field of fine and speciality chemicals.
Focusing on technological innovation, R&D and manufacture, we own one R&D lab, a quality control centre, two joint-ventures and several OEM plants. With these strong support, we have developed and commercialised series of fine & speciality chemicals according to customers' requirements.

This is a highly proficient team of chemists, engineers and technicians, Experience of many years in special chemicals enables us to offer you a variety of very complex compounds, From laboratory, pilot plant to large-scale production, we are prepared to execute your highly specialized requirements, including adapting existing units, building additional processing units.

Here is our team working directly with you. With profound chemistry background and experience, we can take good care of every aspect of your need, We not only deal with chemicals, we study it. We know what you need, and we know what we can offer, Our job is to convert your one-minute call into anything you need. That's no magic, that's what we call "more than satisfaction".

We understand the importance of quality. So we control stricter than you require. Our analysts are at once engineers who have profound knowledge of every product. High-precision apparatus helps to ensure accuracy. That's why you never need to worry about quality.

Choose cz-finechemical, you are choosing quality and efficiency!